LiPo Battery Care and Use

Each FDL is powered by a LiPo or Lithium Polymer battery very similar to batteries found in drones and RC cars. LiPo batteries are capable of delivering a large amount of power in a short period of time. Perfect for a gadget that needs to spin motors quickly in short bursts.

LiPo batteries do require proper charging, discharging, and storage practices. Under normal use they are very safe and powerful but with great power comes great responsibility.


When not in use, store your LiPo battery in a location away from any valuable objects and extreme temperatures. LiPo's can be kept in a metal box or fire safe. During transportation, your LiPo's should be kept in a LiPo flame resistant bag.


LiPo batteries require a balance charger to charge properly. Balance chargers maintain an even charge across all the cells in the battery. Always use a charger built by a trusted manufacturer that is sized properly for your battery.


During use it's important that your LiPo battery is secured to its host and is protected against puncture but not encapsulated in such a way that it can't dissipate extra heat. The grip of the FDL-1 and 2 accommodate for both of these conditions. The battery is held securely in place and protected by the thick shell of the grip. There are openings at the top and bottom of the grip that allow air to move around the battery. Never use your LiPo battery in high moisture conditions such as rain or on wet grass.


Your LiPo battery should be sized properly to handle the load that its host requires. The FDL-2 has a maximum draw of about 20amps meaning if every component was operating at 100% of it's specs, it would require 20amps of ~12volt DC power. There are three values of concern on your battery. The capacity is measured in mAh or the number of milliamps it can provide for an hour long period. The discharge rate describes your batteries ability to safely discharge a factor of it's capacity. A 1C discharge 1000mAh battery can safely discharge 1000mAh or 1amp. A 2C could deliver 2amps. The FDL-2 would require a 25C 1000mAh battery. That's 20 and 5 for extra heardroom. Capacity X Discharge Rate = Discharge Capability