FDL-3 Assembly: Nose Full

Required Tools
Thread Locker (Blue 242)
Thread Locker (Blue 242)
8mm (5/16") Wrench
8mm (5/16") Wrench
2.5mm Hex Key/Driver
2.5mm Hex Key/Driver
3/32 Hex Key/Driver
3/32 Hex Key/Driver
#2 Phillips Screwdriver
#2 Phillips Screwdriver
  1. Motor/ESC/Power Loom

  2. Barrel Outer L&R

  3. Flywheel (x2)

  4. M3x6 Hex Screw (8)


Locate the following:

  1. Place power/esc/motor loom on table with battery lead on the right

  2. Determine right and left barrel outer

  3. Left side has hexagonal holes, right side has circular holes

Step 1

Determine L/R Sides

  1. Align right motor wire with wire channel

  2. Mount motor using (4) M3x6 hex screws (apply small dab of loctite to each screw)

  3. Repeat on left side

Step 2

Mount Flywheel Motors

  1. Remove prop nut from right motor shaft

  2. Place flywheel on prop shaft

  3. Ensure flywheel is fully seated on motor and that locking tabs are in the slots on the motor

Step 3

Mount Flywheels

  1. Replace prop nut and tighten as far as possible by hand

  2. Hold flywheel flat and tighten nut using 8mm (5/16") wrench

  3. Nut should be tight but not deform plastic or strip prop shaft

  4. Repeat on left side

Step 4

Tighten Prop Nuts

  1. Barrel Inner L/R

  2. Muzzle


Locate the following:

  1. Place muzzle in rim of either barrel inner piece

  2. Sandwich muzzle between both barrel inner pieces

Step 5

Assemble Barrel Inner

  1. 4-40 x 1-3/4" Hex Screws (4)

  2. 4-40 Lock Nuts (4)

  3. Magwell Upper


Locate the following:

  1. Hold barrel inner assembly with rounded barrel profile facing up

  2. Place right barrel outer with motor on right side of barrel inner ensuring no wires are pinched. Motor should face down.

  3. Slide 4-40 1-3/4" hex screws through two front holes to align barrel pieces

Step 6

Assemble Barrel Right

  1. Place left barrel outer on barrel inner with motor facing up

  2. Insert nylon lock nuts in two front holes and loosely tighten

Step 7

Assemble Barrel Left

  1. Slide barrel assembly on front of the magwell upper

  2. Align holes in barrel outers with magwell upper holes

  3. Slide 4-40 1-3/4" hex screws through from right side (may require light tap or screw thread all the way)

Step 8

Attach Barrel to Magwell Upper

  1. Place (2) 4-40 lock nuts in hexagonal holes on left barrel outer

  2. Loosely tighten lock nuts to finish barrel assembly

  3. Leave all 4-40 screws / lock nuts slightly loose for now

Step 9

Finish Barrel Assembly

  1. Magwell Caps L&R

  2. Magwell Lower

  3. 4-40 x 1-3/4" hex screw (3)

  4. 4-40 lock nut (3)


Locate the following:

  1. Place right magwell cap (circular holes) on right side of magwell

  2. Ensure motor wires follow channels and do not get pinched

  3. Slide 4-40 x 1-3/4" hex screw through front of magwell cap to align

Step 10

Attach Right Magwell Cap

  1. Place left magwell cap (hexagonal holes) on left side of magwell

  2. Ensure motor wires are in channels and not pinched by cap

  3. Place 4-40 lock nut in hexagonal openings and tighten loosely

Step 11

Attach Left Magwell Cap

  1. Orient magwell lower with mag release slot facing back

  2. Place magwell lower directly below magwell upper between both magwell caps

  3. Slide (2) 4-40 x 1-3/4" hex screws through the lower hole in the right magwell cap to align lower magwell

Step 12

Attach Magwell Lower

  1. Insert (2) 4-40 lock nuts into remaining hexagonal openings on left magwell cap

  2. Tighten loosely

  3. Tighten all 4-40 lock nuts on entire magwell / barrel assembly to finalize alignment

  4. These should be hand snug. Only tight enough to completely sandwich assembly

Step 13

Tighten Entire Magwell/Barrel Assembly

  1. ESC Housing Main

  2. ESC Housing Cap

  3. 6-32 x 1" machine screw (2)


Locate the following:

  1. Slide power PCB into slot on ESC housing

  2. PCB should be oriented with battery lead on right and ESC wires forward

  3. Ensure ESC wires do not interfere with assembly by holding them as you slide the board in

Step 14

Mount Power PCB In ESC Housing

  1. Sweep front of ESC housing between ESC's and place on top of magwell

  2. Guide motor wires in channels on side of ESC housing

  3. Ensure no wires are pinched or caught

Step 15

Place ESC Housing On Magwell

  1. Place ESC housing cap on ESC housing

  2. Black/White wires should come out rear cap openings and hang free

  3. Battery lead should point up through rear of cap

  4. Ensure no pinched wires and secure cap with (2) 6-32 x 1" machine screws

Step 16

Secure ESC Housing Cap

  1. Plug black/white ESC wires in front 2 pin plugs on power board

  2. Both black wires should face left towards main ESC power wires

  3. Tuck excess wire in openings on ESC housing cap

Step 17

Plug in ESC Wires

  1. Cowl Upper & Lower

  2. Front Grip (Mag Gripper/Hip Shooter/Etc)

  3. Rail Top

  4. 6-32 x 3/8" Machine Screw (6)

  5. 6-32 x 1/2" Machine Screw (2)

  6. (Note: if assembling full blaster, skip the remaining steps to assist blaster pre-flight testing)


Locate the following:

  1. Pop battery lead into channels on rear of ESC housing

  2. Fold excess wiring forward and flatten against ESC housing

  3. Place cowl upper over top flywheel and secure with (2) 6-32 machine screws

Step 18

Attach Top Cowl

  1. Place top rail with slanted end forward on upper cowl

  2. Secure with (2) 6-32 x 3/8" machine screws

Step 19

Attach Top Rail

  1. Place cowl lower over bottom flywheel

  2. Secure with (2) 6-32 machine screws

Step 20

Attach Bottom Cowl

  1. Place front grip (mag gripper/hip shooter) on front of lower magwell

  2. Align holes with tab on front of magwell

  3. Secure with (2) 6-32 x 1/2" machine screws

Step 21

Attach Front Grip

You have finished assembling your full length FDL-3 nose!